My brother. The crash test dummy.

@johnrich and his pipe

@johnrich and his pipe

I love this picture from @BMI awards! @KeithUrban you are a joy.

I love this picture from @BMI awards! @KeithUrban you are a joy.

Must everything be a mash-up???

Must everything be a mash-up???

Mastin Kipp on Occupy Wallstreet. Might I add that you can replace the word “meditate” with “pray”. This is about acceptance.

My name is Mastin Kipp & I am the Founder of The Daily Love.
Photo by Brent Mullins.

I heard last night that Police were going to evict the Occupy L.A. folks from in front of City Hall. Since I live in Downtown L.A. I thought I would stop by and check it out since it was on my way home. I’m not big on politics and The Daily Love isn’t a place for political opinion - here, we are about human beings stepping into their own unique expression of the Love that is already within them.

There was a lot of anger from the people there and at first I was scared because there were so many police that it felt like everyone was going to be arrested. But, a man next to me brought out a trumpet and started playing the Star Spangled Banner, which calmed the crowd.

My friends and I decided the best thing to do would be to go to the front of the line and meditate, and hold a space of Love among the anger and frenetic environment.

I think this is why I was called down there last night. Not to protest, not to make a political statement, but to simply hold a space of Love within the chaos of the eviction. My friends and I must have been there for a couple hours. And as I was sitting on 1st and Broadway meditating on Love with about 60 Police officers in front of me, I had a realization…

The realization was that this truly is what our calling is, as human beings. Our calling is to BE the presence of Love within the chaos. This means not resisting the chaos, not hating it, not giving in to it, not being afraid of it, but simply detaching and focusing within on the Source of Love that created us all.

I saw how so many times in my own life I had blamed other people for how things turned out. I felt my own anger at myself for missed opportunities of the past. I saw how most of my life I have been outwardly focused and searching for something that can only be found subtly within my own Self. And once that part of me is found, it’s up to me to cultivate it and connect with the larger Source of Love that created us all.

This is not a political statement. This was a profound realization while I was in and around a very intense and energetic space. Being the presence of Love in our lives extends far beyond just smiling at a stranger. It means Loving that chaos that is within our own being. It means Loving our darkness and the darkness of others. Not tolerating abuse, but accepting that everyone is either giving or requesting Love. And the time when we need you to do this the most is when it’s chaotic, crazy and the future is uncertain.

I believe that it only takes a small percentage of us to wake up and actually practice being the presence of Love in our lives and that it will create a massive tidal wave of transformation across the planet. We will then see that we are not victim of our circumstance, but rather powerful co-creator’s of our lives. We have the ability as human beings to imagine the kind of world we want to live in and then create it with our minds, our action and our intuition. We are powerful when we do not outsource our power and blame someone else for why our lives are the way they are.

We have the privilege and opportunity to co-create a life with The Uni-verse that far surpasses our wildest expectations and who we need to become this is someone who is strong enough to remain centered amidst the greatest of uncertainty and chaos.

Sitting on the corner of 1st and Broadway in Downtown L.A. last night, soaking up the anger from the crowd and being right up against very strong and powerful officers who had the power to arrest people and had the potential power to take a life with their handguns, I woke up and saw the beauty and the opportunity to be even more Loving.

Before we get angry at someone else for the way our lives are, let us look within and see how we have participated in creating our life to this moment. And then let us take full responsibility for our lives and begin to build a new and miraculous life one day at a time with the powerful Uni-verse. We can do amazing things when we remain calm within the center of the storm and take full responsibility for our lives.

At our very core, we were born to be the full unique expression of Love that we are. When we do this, miracles happen and we step into a way of living and being that far surpasses even our own understanding. It requires that we take responsibility, focus on the solution and find peace within the chaos of our lives.

Are you up for it? Let me know: WhatImGoingThru@TheDailyLove.com

So much love,


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NIGHT WRITE! It’s…a bro-mance.  @jaydemarcus and @busbee spoutin’ out some mad genius at The Grip.

NIGHT WRITE! It’s…a bro-mance. @jaydemarcus and @busbee spoutin’ out some mad genius at The Grip.

Paul Simon.

Can’t stress enough, CLOSE YOUR EYES and listen to this!  The pictures ruin it, as they do with all music.  Use your imagination.